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Model: POUCH
A 1kg pouch bag ideal for Cherries..
Ex Tax:$122.41
Model: 7707
One piece cherry box with a display window on top of the box. Black marble, with images of fresh cherries. Text states "Premium quality cherries" and "Produce of Australia"...
Ex Tax:$1.10
Model: 500731
CJ 1000M1  - Hinge lid, 1kg punnet for multi use, ideal for bulk Strawberries or Cherries. punnet dimensions - 16cm x 15.5cm x 10cm..
Ex Tax:$460.70
Model: CJ1300T
CJ 1300T  - A hinge lid 1kg punnet ideal for Cherries and Strawberries..
Ex Tax:$510.00
Model: CJ830L
CJ 830L - A 1kg Cherry punnet, fits 4 punnets to a 90mm tray..
Ex Tax:$640.00
Model: KIT1000 H124
KIT 1000 - This punnet has very good ventilation and is ideal for 1kg of cherries or strawberries. The closure also allows it to be used for apples and stonefruit.  178mm x 130mm x 120mm..
Ex Tax:$431.00
Model: PACK 8
1kg over wrap punnet is ideal for apples and stonefruit, fits 8 per crate, ..
Ex Tax:$75.00
Model: 40219
Deodorant tablets for urinal or also known as "toilet lollies"..
Ex Tax:$103.07
Model: 1000
1000mm twin cushion bins suitable for bulk produce octagon. 60 per pallet..
Ex Tax:$20.04
Model: 1432
1000mm square bulk bin. 60 per pallet..
Ex Tax:$25.12
Model: 110R
This Machine erected 110mm tray is mainly used for shipping pre-packaged produce. It has small corner posts to allow for punnets of Strawberries, Cherries and Berries.  542mm x 365mm x110mm..
Ex Tax:$1.57
Model: 50053
These PET shobowls can be used for various different uses including baked goods, salads, nuts, dairy goods and industrial items. This series has the dome lid but it is also available in the flat lid..
Ex Tax:$163.00
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