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Model: 7707
One piece cherry box with a display window on top of the box. Black marble, with images of fresh cherries. Text states "Premium quality cherries" and "Produce of Australia"...
Ex Tax:$1.10
Model: 1000
1000mm twin cushion bins suitable for bulk produce octagon. 60 per pallet..
Ex Tax:$20.04
Model: 1432
1000mm square bulk bin. 60 per pallet..
Ex Tax:$25.12
Model: 110R
This Machine erected 110mm tray is mainly used for shipping pre-packaged produce. It has small corner posts to allow for punnets of Strawberries, Cherries and Berries.  542mm x 365mm x110mm..
Ex Tax:$1.57
Model: 203
This box can be used for bulk fill fruit to achieve 10kg weight.  553mm x 357mm x120mm..
Ex Tax:$2.15
Model: 204
This box is prodominatly used for bulk fill.  It has also been used as a shipper carton for prepackaged produce.  553mm x 357mm x137mm..
Ex Tax:$1.81
Model: 206
A 140mm deep black tray ideal for bulk produce or pre-pack.  553mm x 357mm x 140mm..
Ex Tax:$2.14
Model: 145
A 145mm machine erected box, To suit 13kg pears or pre packages.  553mm x 357mm x 145mm..
Ex Tax:$1.87
Model: 155
This 155mm box is good for bulk fill fruit or vegetables and pre-pack.  542mm x 365mm x 155mm..
Ex Tax:$1.78
Model: 5
A printed, prepack box that accommodates 10 x 2kg apple bags..
Ex Tax:$2.51
Model: 1230
Generic 2kg base to suit black litho-printed lid or red post-printed lid. It is bottom fill.2100 per pallet..
Ex Tax:$0.82
Model: 1114
This base suits most 2kg lids and is designed for filling the base from the top. This allows to use long life bags in these boxes2000 per pallet..
Ex Tax:$0.73
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