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Model: POUCH
A 1kg pouch bag ideal for Cherries..
Ex Tax:$122.41
Model: 50070
CJ 1012  - Universal 1kg punnet good for cherries, stone fruit, pomefruit, berries or vegetables. Very good top, bottom and side ventilation. 300 per box. 24 per pallet..
Ex Tax:$330.00
Model: KIT1000 H124
KIT 1000 - This punnet has very good ventilation and is ideal for 1kg of cherries or strawberries. The closure also allows it to be used for apples and stonefruit.  178mm x 130mm x 120mm..
Ex Tax:$431.00
Model: PACK 8
1kg over wrap punnet is ideal for apples and stonefruit, fits 8 per crate, ..
Ex Tax:$75.00
Model: V75C
An open unlidded 1kg clear punnet suitable for many different types of produce. It does not have any holes. NO 4 VEG, punnet dimensions 23cm x 13.7cm x 7cm..
Ex Tax:$155.00
Model: 1000
1000mm twin cushion bins suitable for bulk produce octagon. 60 per pallet..
Ex Tax:$20.04
Model: 1432
1000mm square bulk bin. 60 per pallet..
Ex Tax:$25.12
Model: 110R
This Machine erected 110mm tray is mainly used for shipping pre-packaged produce. It has small corner posts to allow for punnets of Strawberries, Cherries and Berries..
Ex Tax:$1.57
Model: 203
This box can be used for bulk fill fruit to achieve 10kg weight..
Ex Tax:$2.15
Model: 204
This box is prodominatly used for bulk fill of 13kg pears. It has also been used as a shipper carton for prepackaged produce...
Ex Tax:$1.81
Model: 206
A 140mm deep black tray ideal for bulk produce..
Ex Tax:$2.14
Model: 145
A 145mm machine erected box, To suit 13kg pears or pre packages...
Ex Tax:$1.87
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