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DescriptionItem no.Price/box

1 litre bottle with pump

1 litre bottle with pump dispenser

Pump -

1000mm bulk bin

HSC 1000mm bulk bin.  

1432 -

12mm crimping seals

12mm seals suitable for poly strapping.  

12mm crimping seals -

12mm polypropelyne dispenser pack

Poly strap dispenser pack - to keep your strapping tape tidy and tangle-free.  

p/strapping 02 -

12mm polypropelyne strap

Poly prop strapping to suit automatic or semi automatic machines. Available in Blue or Clear  

p/strapping -

12mm steel strapping ribbon wound

Super strong 12mm ribbon steel strapping.  

s/strapping -

12mm wire buckles

Wire buckles to suit poly strapping. Also available in 15mm and 19mm buckles.  

buckles wire -

15mm plastic buckles

Plastic buckles for 12mm strapping.  

buckles plastic -

16mm steel strapping

Super strong 16mm ribbon steel strapping.  

s/strapping -

3M stretch tape 8884

3M stretchable tape designed for hand dispenser.  

Tape 14 -

5 litre pump

5 litre bottle pump dispenser

Pump 01 -

5 x 5 tray

Shallow tray that can be over wrapped or flow-wrapped.

5 x 5 tray -

7 x 5 multi use tray

This is a multiuse tray that can be over-wrapped or flow-wrapped once loaded. Available in clear or black.

7 x 5 -

All weather tape

48mm x 100m all weather tape. This tape is suitable for greenhouse repairs.  

All weather tape -

Aluminium foil

Aluminium foil 44cm x 150m

Foil 01 -

Bag tape sealer - 12mm tape

A 12mm bag tape sealer for a variety of bags, eg, apple bags.  


Bags - paper carry bag with handles (brown)

Brown paper bags available in various sizes for the environmentally conscious shopper.

Bag 45 -

Bin bags

We stock a range of bin bags in many sizes, ordering in to suit your specific requirements.  Call us for more information.

Liner 02 -

Binder blades

Binder blades for common binding machines (e.g. flower bunch binders).  

Binder blades -

Bubble wrap and sheeting

Bubble wrap or sheeting can be slit and perforated to your requirements - contact us for more information.  

Bubble wrap and sheeting -

Bulk bin - vented plastic bin

780mm plastic bulk bin - vented. Suitable for storing and transporting flowers.  

Bulk bin - plastic vented -

Cardboard Pallet

Solid, laminated cardboard pallet ideal for export or one way orders. Pallet ratings are 800kg and at 1200kg.

Pallet -


A box of 24 pieces of white chalk.  

Chalk -

CJ 1000L 1kg grape punnet

This is a very good universal bulk punnet for 1 - 1.5kg of produce. It has side flow ventilation and a shallow, flat lid.

CJ 1000L -

CJ 7 x 5 x 3.25 1kg punnet

This is a universal open punnet that can be utilised in stonefruit, berries or salad mix. The punnet can then be either over wrapped or flow-wrapp...

7 x 5 x 3.25 -

Cling wrap - 600m

600 meter roll (450mm wide) premium quality cling wrap with easy cutter. Microwave safe. An economical way to purchase cling wrap.  

Cling wrap 600m -

Corner board angles

Cardboard corner protectors to prevent damage to stock from strapping.

40209 -

Corner protectors - metal

Metal corner protectors to prevent damage to stock. Price is G.S.T. inclusive

Corner protectors - metal -

Corner protectors 2m - cardboard

Two metre cardboard corner boards to assist in protecting your goods from damage during strapping.  

2000 -

Crimper - 15mm

Crimping tool for 15mm-wide poly strapping seals.  

Crimper 15mm -

Deodorant tabs 15kg

Deodorant tablets for urinal or also known as "toilet lollies"

40219 -

Foam sheet 1200mm

100m roll of foam sheet suitable for a multitude of packing scenarios.  

Foam sheet 1200mm -

Foam wrap and sheeting

Foam wrap and sheeting can be slit and perforated to your requirements - contact us for more information  

Foam wrap and sheeting -

Hair nets

Hair nets to comply with health regulations.

Hair nets -

Hand cleaner - with grit

Hand cleaner super duty clean with grit

40229 -

Invoice enclosed envelope

Plastic, adhesive-backed 'Invoice Enclosed' envelopes. Also available in plain (no printing)  

Envelope -

Machine pallet wrap 1400m

Machine grade pallet wrap - 1400m  

Machine pallet wrap 1400m -

Machine pallet wrap 2400m

Prestretched 450mm x 2400m machine pallet wrap (extra strong)  

Machine pallet wrap 2400m -

Machine stretchable tape

3M stretchable tape designed for machine applicator.

Tape 04 -

Machine tape

Packaging tape on 1000m rolls to suit machine applicators.

Tape 06 -

Marker - Assorted color

Assorted color markers for a variety of uses. Available in boxes of 8.  Water resistant, dries instantly, marks on most surfaces.  

Marker 6 -

Marker - black - broad

A broad-tipped black marker. (chisel tip) Water resistant, dries instantly, marks on most surfaces. 12 markers per box.  

Marker 1 -

Marker - black - fine

A fine tipped black marker. Water resistant, dries instantly, marks on most surfaces. 12 markers per box.  

Marker 2 -

Marker - Jumbo texta

A wide and broad marker - marks on most surfaces; water resistant; dries instantly. Available in black.  

Marker -

Marker - red

Red marker for a variety of uses. Available in boxes of 12. Available in Blue and Green. Water resistant, dries instantly, marks on most surfaces....

Marker 3 -

Masking tape

High quality masking tapes available, including auto grade. Widths include 24mm, 36mm and 48mm.  

Tape 07 -

Mopp strapping tape

High tensile mopp strapping is similar to packaging tape, however it has a similar strength to strapping tape. Available in 19mm or 12mm.  

Tape 16 -

Net bag

Sturdy plastic net bags available in red, yellow and green in various sizes - 32, 38 and 43cm in length. Suitable for various fresh produce - garl...

Bag 19 -

News wrappings (butchers paper)

News wrappings (also called butchers paper) in standard size.  

Paper -

Nitrile gloves

We carry a full selection of vinyl, laytex and nitrile gloves in all sizes, with and without powder. 50 pairs per box. 10 boxes per carto...

Nitrile gloves -

Packaging tape

This packaging tape is rubber solvent based which gives it added performance especially in dusty and cold conditions. It is available in brown and ...

Tape -

Packaging tape - Fragile

Packaging tape printed with 'Fragile'.  

Tape 01 -

Packaging tape - Top Loading

Packaging tape with 'Top Loading' printed on it.  

Tape 02 -

Pallet cap

This cap is suitable to fit on top of pallets of goods and produce that are 1165 x 1165.  It is pictured here with our square pallet bin.  

Pallet/cap -

Pallet pad

A pallet pad is a square piece of cardboard that designed to fit on the base of the pallet.  It is pictured here with the hold tight pallet sh...

165 -

Pallet top sheets

Roll of sheets to place on top of your pallets prior to being wrapped, for extra protection against weather and other environmental facto...

Pallet top sheets -

Pallet wrap - 400m

Natural pallet wrap, suitable for hand wrapping.  

Pallet wrap natural 400m -

Pallet wrap - air flow

Stretch pallet wrap that allows air flow around products instead of them being completely sealed.  It is also available for machine wrapp...

Air flow pallet wrap -

Pallet wrap - dispenser handle

Replacement handle for pallet handwrapper. Pallet wrappers and pallet wrap also available.  

Dispenser handle -

Pallet wrap - double extended core

Prestretched, extra heavy, double extended core 225mm x 500m pallet wrap suitable for hand wrapping.  

Double extended core pallet wrap -

Pallet wrap - end roll plugs

Green plugs to place at each end of the hand pallet wrap to enable you to wrap your items with ease.  

Pallet wrap end roll plugs -

Pallet wrap - extended core

Prestretched 100mm x 300m extended core pallet wrap suitable for hand wrapping.  

Extended core pallet wrap -

Pallet wrap - handwrapper

Pallet handwrapper for quicker and easier wrapping of pallets by hand.  

Pallet handwrapper -

Pallet wrap - handwrapper cone

A replacement cone for the pallet handwrapper.  

Pallet handwrapper cone -

Pallet wrap - knitted

Stretch knitted poly pallet wrap that allows excellent air flow throughout the pallet.  It is also available for use on machine wrappers.  

Knitted pallet wrap -

Pallet wrap - prestretched

Prestretched heavy duty wrap suitable for hand use. Price is G.S.T. inclusive

Pallet wrap prestretched -

Pallet Wrapper

This is the Q300XT almost fully automatic pallet wrapper.  It is started by either a lanyard hanging from the roof or via a wireless remote co...

Q300QT -

Paper towel roll

Durable, commercial-grade paper towel on a roll.  

towel 01 -

Partitions for Wine

Cardboard partitions to suit 4x3 wine box.

97411 -

Pearl hand soap 5lt

Liquid hand soap. (water required)

pearl05 -

Printed tape

We can supply custom printed tape to your requirements.

40045 -

Printed trays and boxes

Customise your trays and boxes with your name and logo.  The tray shown is a barry tray made for Moondarra Blueberries.  Contact&nbs...

Printed boxes -

Produce bin caps

Caps suitable to fit our 330Lama, 550, 660, and 900mm bulk produce bins  

303 -

Punnet wrap - Vitafilm 250mm

This 250mm wide wrap is suitable for covering unlidded punnets.  

Vitafilm -

Punnet wrap - Vitafilm 300mm

This 300mm wide wrap is suitable for unlidded punnets.  

Vitafilm 01 -

Roll towel - enamel dispenser

Enamel roll towel dispenser to suit most roll towels

40222 -

Sanitiser - 5 litre food grade

5 litre A.Q.I.S approved sanitiser for bench tops.

Sanitiser -

Shobowls DL (dome lid)

These PET shobowls can be used for various different uses including baked goods, salads, nuts, dairy goods and industrial items.  This se...

Shobowls DL -

Shobowls FL (flat lid)

These PET shobowls can be used for a number of uses including baked goods, salads, nuts, dairy goods and industrial items.  This series h...

Shobowls FL series -

Single face cardboard rolls

Single face corrugated rolls of  cardboard available in either 600mm, 915mm or 1220mm widths.  Contact us for more information. Suitable...

Single face rolls -

Singlet (plastic) carry bag

Singlet bags in various sizes (small, medium, large and jumbo).


Stapler - Rapid 31

A universal rapid stapler.  This is available with a flat nose end or a sharp anvil end.  

Rapid fire stapler R31 -


We stock common staple sizes but can order in custom size staples to suit your requirements.  

Staples -

Stargloss paper

Stargloss ream of paper. Similar to butchers paper but less absorbant. Suitable for wrapping flowers.  

Stargloss paper -

Steel strap dispencer

Dispencer to hold steel strapping. Available to suit 12mm, 15mm and 19mm strapping.

40285 -

Stencil spray ink

Black 350gr stencil spray ink suitable for use on pallets, bins etc.  

Black stencil spray -

Strapping machine semi automatic

We can supply semi or fully automatic strapping machines to suit your business.

40270 -

Sunscreen 2.5L

For O.H.S we can also supply sunscreen for your employees exposed to the sun.

40235 -

Tape - bag tie tape

Tie tape suitable for fruit bags.  

Fruit bag tie tape -

Tape cutting blade

Replacement blade for bag sealer

40023 -

Tape dispenser - hand tape dispenser 25mm

 Hand tape dispenser to suit the Mopp strapping tape

Tape Dispenser 02 -

Tape dispenser - pistol grip

Pistol grip tape dispenser. Suitable for use with packaging tape and printed packaging tape.  

Pistol grip dispenser -

Tape dispenser spool - bag tie tape dispenser

Replacement spool for bag tie tape dispenser.  

Tape spool dispenser -

Tensioner - poly strapping

Tensioner suitable for poly strapping.  

Tensioner - poly strapping -

Tensioner - steel strapping

Tensioner suitable for steel strapping.  

Tensioner - steel strapping -

Tissues royal 2 ply

Tissues 2 ply

40236 -

Toilet paper

2 ply, white toilet paper made from virgin material, making it softer than similar products on the market.  With 400 sheets/roll, t...

Toilet paper -

Toilet roll Jumbo

Jumbo toilet rolls in 2 ply


Toilet tissue interfold 200 sheets

We stock a variety of toilet tissue supplies and are happy to discuss your requirements.  

Toilet tissue -

Wine box - 12 bottles - plain

Plain, white, generic cardboard box suitable for 12 bottles of wine. Box partitions are sold separately. Custom-made printing...

Generic wine upright -


Disposable wipes per roll

Wipes -

Zero bac 5lt

Alcohol based (waterless) hand cleaner

Sanitiser -