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DescriptionItem no.Price/box

#2 vegie overwrap punnet

Veg #2 tray is ideal for pre-packing fruit and vegetables and flow wrapping or overwrapping

Veg 2 -

#4 vegie punnet base

An unlidded clear punnet suitable for many different types of produce. It does not have any holes.    

V75C -

110mm machine erected tray

This tray is mainly used for shipping pre-packaged produce.  It has small corner posts to allow for punnets; common uses are kiwifruit and che...

110R -

120mm machine erected box

This box can be used for bulk fill fruit to achieve 10kg weight.  

120 -

137mm machine erected box

This box is prodominatly used for bulk fill of 13kg pears.  It has also been used as a shipper carton for prepackaged produce.  

204.B -

145mm machine erected box

145mm machine erected box, To suit 13kg pears or pre packages.

145 -

155mm machine erected box

This box is good for bulk fill fruit or vegetables.  

155 -

1kg cherry box

One piece cherry box with a display window on top of the box. Black marble, with images of fresh cherries. Text states "Premium quality cherri...

7707 -

1kg clam shell punnet

This punnet has very good ventilation and is ideal for 1kg of cherries or strawberries.  The closure also allows it to be used for apples...

KIT 1000 -

1kg open punnet - 40

Open 1kg punnet ideal for apples and stonefruit. Suitable for overwrapping, flowwrapping or netting

40396 -

2kg black cherry box lid

This 2kg 4 corner glued lid comes in a high quality, black marble, gloss finish to give your cherries the presentation they deserve.  We ...

Generic 2kg black marble lid -

2kg cherry base - bottomfill

Generic 2kg inner to suit black litho-printed lid or red post-printed lid.  It is bottom fill.  

1021 -

2kg Cherry Base - Top Fill

This base suits most 2kg lids and is designed for filling the base from the top. This allows to use long life bags in these boxes

1114 -

2kg cherry outer (lid)

A generic 2kg outer (lid), flat finish, suitable for cherries. Can be made up "inside out" to make a generic, plain, brown lid suitable ...

1020 -

2kg clam shell punnet

This punnet is excellent for 2kg of cherries or strawberries, or for a pre-pack of apples or stonefruit. Carton size: 630 x 380 x 600 &...

KIT 2000 -

330mm bulk bin

330mm Lama bin without flaps that is suitable for bulk produce.  It is pictured here with the matching produce cap.    

330Lama -

4 ply soaker pads

A 4 ply soaker liner available in 2kg, 5kg, 150gm punnet and stonefruit tray as ex stock lines.  Any custom size can be ordered...

soaker -

5 x 5 tray

Shallow tray that can be over wrapped or flow-wrapped.

5 x 5 tray -

5kg Cherry base

 5kg machine erect cherry base.  This base has a clip on lid to suit.

170 -

5kg cherry base - black

5kg machine erected cherry base. This base allows a full sided lid to fit over the top.

381 -

5kg cherry box litho print lid

5kg black cherry box lid printed in high quality, gloss; litho photo print.  Price is G.S.T. inclusive

5kg black cherry box, litho -

5kg hand erected black cherry box base

5kg hand erected black cherry inner that is suited to our four corner glued lid.   

1257 -

7 x 5 multi use tray

This is a multiuse tray that can be over-wrapped or flow-wrapped once loaded. Available in clear or black.

7 x 5 -

75mm machine erected stonefruit tray

Black, machine-erected fruit tray suitable for stonefruit or pomefruit.  

75 -

90mm machine erected generic tray

90mm machine erected tray to suit punnets or plastic liners. Black in colour.

197 -

Apple tray - P12

These cardboard apple trays come in a range of sizes from 22, 25, 27, 28, 30, 32, 33, 35, 38, 39, 41, 42A, 42B, 45, 49, 51, 54.  

Z packs -

Bag - 10kg Peakfresh

 A 10kg modified atmosphere bag to prolong the post-harvest life of cherries. Bags are loose in a box. (500 per box)

Peakfresh 02,03 -

Bag - 2kg Peakfresh

A 2kg modified atmosphere bag to prolong the post-harvest life of cherries. Bags are loose in a box. (1000 per box)  

Peakfresh -

Bag - 5kg Peakfresh

A 5kg modified atmosphere bag to prolong the post-harvest life of cherries. Bags are loose in a box. (500 per box)  

Peakfresh 01 -

Bags - cherry bags

We can supply clear or black liner bags in a variety of sizes that are suitable for cherry boxes.  

Bag 50 -

Bulk bins

Available in different sizing are twin cushion bins suitable for bulk produce.  Pictured here is a 550mm-high bin. Contact us for more in...

550, 660, 900 bin -

Citrus carton - self locking

Two piece citrus carton to be used in 'solid' pack configuration.  Self locking assembly.  

Gen citrus C8 -

CJ 1000 punnet

Hinge lid punnet for multiuse to hold approximately 800 - 1000gm

50012 -

CJ 1000 M1 punnet

Hinge lid, 1kg punet for multi use

50073 -

CJ 1000 T punnet base 1kg

Two piece lid and base, 1kg multi-use punnet. Ideal for freezing as there is no ventilation in this punnet.

50075 -

CJ 1000 T punnet lid 1kg

Two piece lid and base, 1kg multi-use punnet. Ideal for freezing as there is no ventilation in this punnet.

50074 -

CJ 1000L 1kg grape punnet

This is a very good universal bulk punnet for 1 - 1.5kg of produce. It has side flow ventilation and a shallow, flat lid.

CJ 1000L -

CJ 1012 1kg punnet

Universal 1kg punnet good for stone fruit, pomefruit, berries or vegetables. Very good top, bottom and side ventilation.

CJ 1012 -

CJ 1300T punnet

 Hinge lid 1kg punnet ideal for Cherries and Strawberries

CJ 1300T -

CJ 500C punnet

 500gm multi-use clam shell punnet, ideal for Cherries, Strawberries and Blueberries.

50124 -

CJ 7 x 5 x 3.25 1kg punnet

This is a universal open punnet that can be utilised in stonefruit, berries or salad mix. The punnet can then be either over wrapped or flow-wrapp...

7 x 5 x 3.25 -

Fruit picking bucket straps

Straps to suit the corflute picker's bucket.  Contact us for more information. Picking boxes also available.  

Straps -

Fruit picking buckets

Corflute picking lug with discounts available for bulk buys. Straps are also available and name printing is available for orders over 300...

Corex -

Grown in Aust logo label

 Label with grown in Australia logo

label -

Liners - black RPC

An 18um black produce bag suitable for various produce. Suitable for RPC - returnable plastic crates. Tear-off.    

Liner 12 -

Liners - natural plastic

Universal plastic liner for a variety of produce.  

Liner 11 -

Nitrile gloves

We carry a full selection of vinyl, laytex and nitrile gloves in all sizes, with and without powder. 50 pairs per box. 10 boxes per carto...

Nitrile gloves -

OPLC 85 punnet

Open 1kg punnet to suit apples or stonefruit

50049 -

Pallet cap

This cap is suitable to fit on top of pallets of goods and produce that are 1165 x 1165.  It is pictured here with our square pallet bin.  

Pallet/cap -

Pallet pad

A pallet pad is a square piece of cardboard that designed to fit on the base of the pallet.  It is pictured here with the hold tight pallet sh...

165 -

Pallet Wrapper

This is the Q300XT almost fully automatic pallet wrapper.  It is started by either a lanyard hanging from the roof or via a wireless remote co...

Q300QT -

Printed trays and boxes

Customise your trays and boxes with your name and logo.  The tray shown is a barry tray made for Moondarra Blueberries.  Contact&nbs...

Printed boxes -

Produce bin caps

Caps suitable to fit our 330Lama, 550, 660, and 900mm bulk produce bins  

303 -

Punnet wrap - Vitafilm 250mm

This 250mm wide wrap is suitable for covering unlidded punnets.  

Vitafilm -

Punnet wrap - Vitafilm 300mm

This 300mm wide wrap is suitable for unlidded punnets.  

Vitafilm 01 -

Shobowls DL (dome lid)

These PET shobowls can be used for various different uses including baked goods, salads, nuts, dairy goods and industrial items.  This se...

Shobowls DL -

Shobowls FL (flat lid)

These PET shobowls can be used for a number of uses including baked goods, salads, nuts, dairy goods and industrial items.  This series h...

Shobowls FL series -

Singlet (plastic) carry bag

Singlet bags in various sizes (small, medium, large and jumbo).


Stapler - Rapid 31

A universal rapid stapler.  This is available with a flat nose end or a sharp anvil end.  

Rapid fire stapler R31 -


We stock common staple sizes but can order in custom size staples to suit your requirements.  

Staples -

Stone fruit tray liners

We carry a large range of stone fruit tray liners from 22, 25, 28, 30, 33, 35, 39, 42, 45, 48, 50.   

Stone fruit liners -

Stonefruit 154mm box

This generic carton is one of our larger cartons and is suited to stonefruits, however, it can be adapted to other produce as well.  Pri...

266 -

Stonefruit 84mm box

This generic carton is suitable for stonefruits, but can be utilised for other produce. Printed text "Australian Fresh Fruit"  

80 -

T35 base to suit lid.

This brown base has a self lock base and will hold between 5 to 9kg.  (produce dependant)

404 -

T35 universal produce carton

This universal produce carton stacks 12 per layer on a pallet and will carry between 5 to 9 kg of produce.  (dependant on type)

403 -